About Us

Established in the year 2014, we, G-Elite Enterprises, have forayed into the business of LED and Solar products. Our product range includes led bulbs led tubelite,slim led panel,street light, solar street light led etc. We understand the difficulty behind establishing oneself as a bankable name in the industry, therefore, our aim is to effectively serve our clients and cater to their varied needs. For earning the trust of our clients, we focus on R&D. It helps us to grow by improvising on our strengths. We ensure that we will leave no stone unturned to serve our clients with utmost satisfaction.

Why Go With LED Lighting?

LED lighting offers excellent light quality for both indoor and outdoor solutions, whether residential, commercial, or public. Most LED consumer product solutions are as easy to install as replacing a light bulb.

What is an L.E.D.?

An L.E.D. (light emitting diode) is essentially a silicon-wrapped aluminum chip, which is impregnated with an anode and a cathode. Electric current is passed through the chip, releasing light energy, called electro luminescence. Based on the alloys in the chip, color and brightness can be dictated. LED light is truly a solid state light, as there are no toxic gases, no fragile filaments, and no moving parts to fatigue and fail.

Quality of Light

LEDs have an unparalleled even spectrum of light over a lifespan of over 5-10 years, without suffering degradation, discoloration, or flicker. Molded clear polycarbonate lenses and diffusers can focus LEDs as tightly as 30 degrees or spread them in a 180 degree wash. LEDs can be used to produce stark or warm natural illumination that is both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional.

L.E.D. Efficiency

It takes 50 incandescent (carbon-filament) light bulbs or 8 CFLs (compact fluorescent lights) to equal the lifespan of one LED light bulb to produce the same illumination. LEDs emit 90% less heat than incandescent bulbs, therefore producing more light than heat and gaining maximum energy efficiency. As a rule, LEDs use 90% less electricity than standard incandescent bulbs, and more than 50% less than CFLs or standard fluorescent tubes. This could lead to a reduction of 30%-50% reduction in the monthly electric bill. The heat reduction achieved also helps reduce the amount of AC usage, translating into additional savings and less frequent AC maintenance & repair.

LEDs, Energy Savings and the Environment

LEDs provide the simplest & most efficient way to save energy and help the planet by conserving the natural resources needed to generate electric power.

Advantages of using led light


  • More power consumption / Watt.
  • CFL content mercury, hence hazardous and disposal problem.
  • Produce ultraviolet light, leakage affects human body cells
  • Leakage ultraviolent components affect chemical paints eg. House paint, paintings, clothes etc.
  • Produce more heat than LED.AirCondition consumes more power in CFL environment.
  • In cold temperature, efficiency reduces or some time does not function
  • Life cycle depends upon number of switching (ON/OFF)
  • Frequent maintenance damages the interior


  • Energy saving in proportional to reduction in Greenhouse gases from manufacturing plant.
  • LED light does not contain Mercury, hence no disposal Problem
  • No UV Light
  • No UV Light
  • Less heat, energy saving.
  • Functions in -20 deg to 50 deg.
  • Life cycle independent of number of switching (ON/OFF)
  • Maintenance friendly


  • To provide our customers with the highest quality imaging products, world-class service and recycling programs that help and protect the environment
  • To stand above the competition by providing our customers with exceptional services, quality products and unparalleled customer support.
  • To be an integral contributor to our clients success through a team committed to achieving Excellence


  • Inspire the world and make the world visible at all time